A New Phase In My Life :D


I am an international student from India at the University of Waterloo, Canada pursuing Mathematics Honors. It’s been almost 4 months since I came here, and it has been no less than a rollercoaster ride. Shifting to a new country, making new friends, handling everything on your own, it can be one hell of a task sometimes.

                  My Fall 2018 term in the University of Waterloo has been the start of a new chapter in my life. It has required me to become a lot more independent. I’m starting to learn how to manage my studies, extra-curricular activities, and social life all at the same time. Every day I spent in college during this first semester opened me up to whole new perspectives. It was such a big jump from the comfort zone that I had in high school.

                  The Frosh week was both nerve-wracking and exciting for me. Having come to Canada from India, I was building a new life in a new city with new friends. I was anxious as to how I would settle in but at the same time was eagerly awaiting the adventures I knew would lay ahead.

                    I’m the kind of person who doesn’t turn down any opportunities that are offered to me. So the countless societies, clubs, volunteering opportunities given to me during the first week of Orientation forced me to be picky and think about what to sign up for. I wanted to choose something that didn’t take up too much of my time so that I could give time to studying as well. I ended up becoming the floor representative of my residence, and a part of the Residence Council. Becoming a Floor Rep not only allowed me to help my fellow mates by representing their views and needs but also helped me make new ties.

                    By the first few days, I had made friends from my floor, other people from the building and a few after-class hangout groups. The combination of the classes I took, the people I got to meet, the events I attended, the experiences I went through, and the environment I was surrounded by just made it so unique and so different. A few weeks into the classes and lectures, I knew I had taken all the right courses for me, apart from Physics. That subject bounces off of my head every single lecture!

                    Other subjects, however, are going on a good pace. During this first month, I have learned a great deal about reflection. As the term is going by, I feel a sense of both exhaustion and relief. The term has been testing, but I made the most of my time and every opportunity that came my way. 

That’s all for this term guys! See you next semester 🙂


What Books Mean To Me..

I used to believe that my books represented who I am and who I want to be, but I don’t believe that so much anymore. The books I have read and want to read don’t really tell you anything about me other than my reading tastes.

Sure there are certain things you could figure out, but that doesn’t tell you anything more than the broadest things. Yes, there are certain books I own that I am very attached to, that I have instilled with emotion and memories, but those books don’t tell you anything more about me other than I really like them.

I think being able to let go of the idea that books reflect who I am has allowed me to read even more widely, to take more chances in my reading choices and to enjoy what I read even more because I’m not tied up with what the books say about me.

I do fully intend to read every book I buy eventually and here is probably where a bit of magical thinking enters the equation. Because I own so many books I have not read yet I can’t possibly die until I at least read most of them, right? The knowledge of all the unreads will keep me going. They are hope and optimism on a shelf.

And that, my friends, is what my books mean to me. Ask me again in ten years and they may have evolved a different meaning. But for now, this will do.





EXAMS, Phew! There’s a lot more to life :)

Important/ not so important? Yes, for some exams are their only chance to get a successful life. But, not really for creative minds. They know that they can achieve a lot more in other aspects of life. They also understand the importance of exams, though.

Let us all imagine our life ahead, like what’s gonna happen afterward:

After your final exams, you may get into the big colleges of your dreams, or get into a college that makes you get out of college with really big dreams.                                            

Your body is finally a body and you’re gonna look at that body and work on that body by looking for somebody who works to put next to that body.

You’re gonna read stuff you’ve never heard of before or you’re gonna hear stuff that you’re never gonna read. Or, you’ll write the stuff everyone’s gonna read because they heard about you.

You’re gonna leave your parents who took care of you only to realize that they took care of you and that you left them, till you leave whatever you’re taking care of to take care of your parents.

You’re gonna meet someone, go looking for someone, or just be waiting for someone and the person you were waiting for will never be the person you were looking at or even thought you’d meet.

You’re gonna fall in love and your heart’s gonna get broken or you’re gonna break someone’s heart because you hadn’t fallen in love yet.

You’re gonna lose all your money which will make you lose your mind until you make your mind up to make some money and forever mind your money.

You’re gonna drink, smoke, dance, run which will make you vomit, choke, faint and pant until you eventually savor, talk, groove and chill.

You’re gonna arrange your own wedding to someone else or be at your own wedding that someone else arranged.

You’re gonna get hired and fired and this will give you fire to go higher. You’re gonna hold your baby and contemplate the meaning of life, or you’re gonna hold someone else’s baby and contemplate death.

 You’ll fight for each other and with each other and obviously, she’ll win. Although you’ll lose, you win because when she wins you win with nothing to lose.

You’re gonna yourself buy things from other people and then discover that buying things for other people gets you better things from other people.

You’ll meet lots of new friends who will give you lots of new reasons to love the old ones. You will beg, borrow, steal so that eventually you can risk rent and lose to own, invest and grow.

You will talk shit, take shit, do shit until you finally don’t give a shit.









This word is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. A question may have aroused many – Is the path of leading a simple life always that difficult? 

Now, I really know what it takes to lead a simple life.

Turn off the TV, close Facebook, stop chatting about nothing.You don’t need that.

The need to being constantly entertained and distracted may mean that you are running away from yourself. Face the reality and ask yourself: “What really makes me happy? How can I improve my situation?” Then use your own thoughts to create happiness for yourself.

It works. Or, you can follow these simple happy steps-:

1. Reduce negative self-talk. Why do you think-“I can’t do this, I can’t do that.” 

2. Engage in positive thinking. Let’s just turn that into-“Obviously, I’ll try this. I can do it, and most probably ace it as well”.

3. Practice mindfullness.

4. Try handling/managing stress in life.

5. Conduct a healthy lifestyle.




Hey everybody! To commence with, let me introduce myself to you guys. This is my first blog, so don’t judge. I am Rubaina Gambhir from New Delhi,India. I really want you guys to like my blog and continue reading all my posts!

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